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The Accelerator on Three Words

The Cincinnati Minority Business Accelerator (The Accelerator) was joyfully a part of the well-attended Black Achievers Event on June 30th. The Accelerator team was in force to share, network and speak to the power of MBE acceleration. Darrin Redus, CEO of the Accelerator spoke to the Achiever members about three (3) critical words. The words were “awareness”, “access” and “readiness”.

Darrin highlighted these three areas as the primary impediments to more black entrepreneurs growing the types of businesses that have greater scale and impact. He said, “The Accelerator and the work we’re doing in collaboration with Black Achievers is addressing and eliminating each of these historical barriers.” Redus added, “Because we’re addressing these historical barriers, I told them to mark my words that in the not-too-distant future, Cincinnati will be recognized as the national epicenter for growing larger-scale minority-owned businesses.”

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