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Business Academy: Apply Today!

We are seeking business owners to participate in our business academy.

This program will help you if you have a business idea you want to get off the ground or if you are already a part-time or full-time business owner. Non-profit organizations are also welcome.

Join our Business Academy! A 8-week virtual academy of learning, networking, and building. We meet Tuesdays from 7-9pm on zoom. Join us and build your business. 

8 Week Course Curriculum:

Week 1: Current State of Your Business
Week 2: Goals: Vision, Target Market
Week 3: Value Proposition, Pricing
Week 4: Team Building, Advisory Board
Week 5: Accounting: Capital, Credit, Grants
Week 6: Sales, Marketing, Branding
Week 7: Legal, Contracts, Negotiations
Week 8: How To Pitch Your Business

Academy Details:

Dates:        Dates: March 26th - May 14th
Time:         Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm EST
Virtual:       Zoom Meetings
Length:      8 Weeks 
Cost:          Free (Must apply and be selected) 


Benefits Of The Program:

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have a better understanding of who your customers are and of the value you provide to them. A plan to grow your team of advisors. You can expect to have an actionable business model, a marketing plan, social media plan and PR plan. Ability to promote your business to our 4,000 members and our corporate partners. 

Accepting Applications

You must apply by deadline. Our selection committee will pick the top applications. If selected for the next step you will be sent instructions via email. 

Congratulations To Our Latest Business Academy Class!

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