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Become a Sustaining Member

Without sustaining members our organization would not survive. It is important that you financially support things you believe in. So if you believe in Black Excellence, Success, Self-esteem and you see the value in working together with other Black professionals then please become a sustaining member. 

Membership Details Below:

  • Student membership: $39/yr or $4/mo
  • Professional membership: $79/yr or $8/mo
  • Business membership: $149/yr or $15/mo
  • You can pick from monthly payment or yearly payment
  • You can cancel your membership at any time
  • Click the Join Now button below to join

Just a few of the member benefits you recieve:

Log onto our discount platform and save money on everyday purchases! Travel, Hotel, Food.  (See Videos Below.)

Save Up to $2,000/yr in Discounts.

You will be featured on social media and you have

guaranteed spot to speak at any local event of your choosing. 

Build Your Personal Brand.
Get Exposure.

Free Education Programs.

As a paid member you or a loved one has guaranteed acceptance into: Business academy, Business institute, leadership academy, Investor network.

VIP Status,  Mentoring and Networking. 

You will have VIP seating at events. You will receive a copy of our founders book. 1 on 1 mentorship. Warm introductions to VIP's in our network. 


Save up to $2,000 per year. Once you join you can log onto our system and start saving. Watch the Videos!

Save on everyday purchases.

Over 100,000 retailers are in the network. Big Box, local stores, restaurants, you name it, this platform has it. Look at video. 

Save on Travel and Hotels. 

Thousands of discounts on all major hotels. Save money on your next vacation using this amazing member benefit. 


Join Our List Of Sustaining Members

Please check our our members below. Connect with them on linkedin. If you would like to support Black Achievers please join our team. We look forward to helping you.  


Mishawn Styles


Ken Best


Michael Iyoha


Oge Nwankwo

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