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Leadership Academy For Black Men: 

Our leadership program helps Black men build their skills which leads to better paying jobs, promotions and wealth generation! 

Black men face unique professional experiences that can lead to feelings of frustration and being overlooked. Through a combination of individual coaching, skills development and the facilitator-led zoom calls with other Black male leaders, our program gives support and instruction on gaining visibility around accomplishments and planning for future career growth.

Join our Leadership Academy! A 6-week virtual academy of learning, networking, and building. We meet Wednesdays from 7-9pm on zoom. 

6 Week Course Curriculum:

Week 1    The Definition of Leadership
Week 2    The Key to Leadership Success
Week 3    The Foundation of Leadership
Week 4    The Ultimate Test of Leadership
Week 5    The Quickest Way to Gain Leadership
Week 6    The Attitude of Successful Leadership

Leadership Academy Details:

Dates:        March 27 - May 1, 2024
Time:         Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm EST
Virtual:       Zoom Meetings
Length:      6 Weeks 
Cost:          Free (Must apply and be selected) 

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Benefits Of The Program:

You will meet other Black men in this program who want to learn new leadership skills. You will form the relationship needed to grow your career and create a support network.  Discuss the following topics:


  • How to Get Promoted at Work

  • Finding the Right Mentor

  • Finding Sponsors at Work

  • Negotiating Hire Paying Salary

  • Know When to Look for New Employment

  • Dealing with Micro-Aggressions at work

Accepting Applications

You must apply by deadline. Our selection committee will pick the top applications. If selected for the next class you will be sent instructions via email. 

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