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Q&A: Flywheel is Hiring for their Elevate Equity Accelerator Program

Laura: Hey David. I have some great news. Flywheel is hiring. We are going to find a program manager for our Elevate Equity accelerator. That’s the program we do in the Spring for entrepreneurs who are inspired by business opportunities that can reduce the impact of systemic race and gender bias. It’s a year round full-time job. I’m putting the link here so anyone can see it. It’s also posted on your jobs page. What do you think?

David: That’s a great idea. Elevate Equity is a fantastic program that helps showcase minority business owners and provides them with expert coaching. I think you would need someone with lived experience for that role.

Laura: I know!. There are just two of us at Flywheel. We thought we couldn’t afford another person, but I think we can’t afford not to have more diversity on our team.

David: It’s not always easy to make the choice to add an extra person to the payroll but diversity isn’t a choice anymore, it’s a necessity. What experience are you looking for?

Laura: Good question. We’d like to find someone with solid experience in project management. Our accelerators are essentially entrepreneurship education programs but the manager doesn’t have to be an expert in entrepreneurship. The right person will need to put together the resources we have, and help us find others, also to deliver the content to the founders who enter our program.

David: What kinds of skills will be important?

Laura : A commitment to equity and the energy to want to be part of innovating change is the first thing. We are looking for someone who is super organized that takes pride in thinking ahead, planning for what’s needed, and being a resourceful problem solver. The person also needs to be a great communicator. There’s a lot of emailing people, getting content ready, making presentations and moderating meetings so this person will be in front of audiences quite a bit. David, you know us at Flywheel. What do you think would be cool about this job?

David: The work you do is so important and complements what we do. We support black led businesses and you do the social enterprise piece for companies that have a mission around doing social good. Also you and Josie are laid back and seem to love your work. That’s pretty fun.

Laura: Awe, thanks David, that means a lot. It would be fantastic if someone from Black Achievers ended up on our team.

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