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Q&A: Flywheel Hires Latavia Walker to lead their Elevate Equity Accelerator Program

Laura: Hey David. I have some great news. Flywheel hired a new Program Manager to lead our Elevate Equity Accelerator. Her name is Latavia Walker. She has been running a student success program for first-generation college students in Dayton and she is also an Ed.D candidate with an emphasis in Social Justice.

David: That’s great news. Having someone leading that program who has both an academic background and lived experience will take Elevate Equity to the next level.

Laura: Exactly. We are already starting to talk to potential applicants for our 2023 Elevate Equity accelerator which will start in late February. This is our 8 week program for entrepreneurs with a startup business that directly or indirectly addresses the impact of systemic racism or gender bias.

David: We really respect that program here