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Meet The Minority Business Accelerator Team

Meet The Minority Business Accelerator Team

The Cincinnati Minority Business Accelerator (The Accelerator) supports the growth and development of Minority Business Firms (MBEs) to accelerate. The Accelerator's unique team supports our region, community, and firms while assisting other MBE companies in growth under our Pillar 2.

The Accelerator Team consists of Darrin Redus, CEO of the Accelerator, and Curtis Hollis, COO, with Senior Advisors Robert LaMothe, Thomas Fernandez, Tyra Oldham, and Rafeal Underwood supported by Asia Davis, Administrator, and Destini Brodi, Financial Analyst.

In its 20th year, the Accelerator is poised to generate expanded wealth for our Black and brown companies in the region. The team knowledge is diverse to assist our firms across technology, financial solutions, management, transportation, and talent management industries. Learn more about The Minority Business Accelerator MBE capacity-building work.

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