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How the arts help…and how to help the arts

The arts play an essential role in the success of our region. They give us a place to recharge, connect and awaken. They offer opportunities to bridge cultural divides and promote cross-cultural understanding and help attract and retain a diverse, talented population. A majority of Americans believe that the arts are a common connector. We agree on this more than just about anything else.

Locally, the arts support thousands of jobs and create $300 million in economic impact. We need the arts — and they need us, too. Our region’s arts organizations have never faced a greater challenge. They were among the first businesses to close and are among the last to reopen, losing millions of dollars in anticipated revenue.

ArtsWave is the engine for the arts in the region. When you give to ArtsWave, you help support more than 150 projects and cultural organizations each year. You help amplify the voices of artists of color through programs like the Black and Brown Artist Grants; Flow, an African American Arts Experience; and Cincinnati Music Festival’s Outdoor Museum. Your gift helps make Juneteenth celebrations from Paloozanoire and the Freedom Center possible.

Our region has one of the most impactful and collaborative and arts sectors in the nation, and inclusion is a focus for it. That collaborative energy is directed on increasing funding to Black and Brown artists across the board. Make your gift to ArtsWave at to help grow that momentum. When you make a leadership level gift, be sure to join the Circle of African American Leaders for the Arts. The Circle welcomes all African Americans who believe in the power of the arts to bridge cultural divides. A portion of your gift will directly fund Black arts initiatives.

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