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New York City Chapter

LinkedIn Group Member Spotlight

Welcome to the New York CIty Chapter. We have hundreds of Black professionals who live in NYC. Please join our group to network and build your career or business. 

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Daniel G. Kelly II.jpg
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Shauna Kee
New York City

Daniel G. Kelly 
New York City

Morgan Morrison
New York City

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RSVP For Our Next Event

We host networking events online via zoom. We also host meetups in various locations through the city. Our events are great ways for you to meet other Black professionals and grow your career or your business. Please click link below to find out about our next event. 

Paid Member Spotlight

Please check our our newest paid members below. Connect with them on linkedin. If you would like to support Black Achievers please click here to be a paid member. 


Mishawn Styles


Ken Best


Michael Iyoha


Oge Nwankwo

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