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Benefits of Joining Our Team:

Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Something that can help change the world and make the world a better place for Black people everywhere. 

What you will receive:

Copy of Michael's Book: 9 Principles of African American Success by Michael Truth - This book is a guide for you to follow. It has practical information and techniques you can implement in your life to help you develop a winner's mindset and achieve your dreams.

Investment Club: You will have the option to pool your money with other members to invest in the stock market or business ideas both big and small. In our latest Investment Fund we have raised $150,000 to buy and flip technology companies. The sky is the limit once you are a part of our network.

Mentoring - One on One - Half hour session with a Black Achievers founder to discuss your ideas, goals and ambitions. They will help you chart a course of action and motivate you to achieve your dreams. 

Networking - You are invited to attend any of our networking events in person. We currently have one event per quarter. You are given free access and acknowledged as a supporting member. You will be able to network for career or business.


Access our Private Group: You are invited to join our private LinkedIn group for Black Achiever members. You will be able to promote yourself or your business to other members. A place for you to post questions to the network, seek advice, partnerships, mentors etc.  

Business Members - If you join as a business member you can also promote your business. You can choose to speak at one of our events and/or provide your marketing materials to promote your business to all attendees. 

Membership Kickoff - Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how you can get the most out of your membership: 

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