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#1 Network For Black Professionals

Welcome to Black Achievers:

Are you a Black Professional that believes in achieving more success in your life? Do you believe in Black people working together to empower themselves and their communities? Do you have a desire to make positive changes in your community and around the world? Becoming a member of Black Achievers you will connect with a group of like-minded professionals who share your vision and determination for success.


Welcome Our Newest Members

New  Member Spotlight

Welcome our newest paid members. These members are helping to sustain Black Achievers to keep networking events free for everyone. Click below to join.  

Minnisa Shook.jpg

Shaundale Johnson
Arlington, Texas


Minnisa Shook
Fort Worth, TX


Ed Long
Beachwood, Ohio


What Do We Believe?

  • Black is beautiful in all its shades.

  • Building up the self-esteem in our children and adults is critical to a persons belief in themselves

  • We must work together to make America better.

  • Racism is real. It is wrong. It must be confronted.

  • Economic empowerment and group economics is a key to improving Black communities. 

  • Hard work and determination are the backbone of success. 

Be The Best You Can Be

Why Should You Join?

  • Make new friends who share your beliefs. 

  • A place to promote your business or your career. 

  • Have Fun: We have great events each month.

  • Opportunity to mentor and give back. 

  • Pool your money and invest with other members in business ideas both big and small. 

  • Learn about Black History and Current Events.

  • Join talented people: Our members are leaders of business, the professions, art, government, sports, military, religion, etc.

Continue Growing & Evolving

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