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Thank You For Joining Our Team

Your financial contribution will allow us to spread our message of unity and empowerment. Below is a list of what you receive as a member. 

New Member Checklist:

1. Copy of Michael's Book: 9 Principles of African American Success by Michael Truth - This book is a guide for you to follow. It has practical information and techniques you can implement in your life to help you develop a winner's mindset and achieve your dreams. (Download copy of the book here)

2. Member Discounts: Save on everyday purchases. Over 100,000 retailers are in the network. Big Box, local stores, restaurants, you name it, this platform has it. Also save on Travel and Hotels. Thousands of discounts on all major hotels. Save money on your next vacation using this amazing member benefit.


Expect to receive an email with the subject: Welcome to Black Achievers Membership Club. It will have the instructions on how to setup your account.

3. Monthly Newsletter: You will receive a monthly newsletter via email to keep you up to date on opportunities. If you have something you want included in the newsletter such as a promotion you have received, a business or event you are promoting please contact us. Send us a photo, one paragraph and a link to the event/business website. (Click here to submit your information)

4. Mentoring - One on One - Half hour session with David Iyoha, Vice President to discuss your ideas, goals and ambitions. David will help you chart a course of action and motivate you to achieve your dreams. (click here to request a day and time)

5. Networking - You are invited to attend any of our networking events in person. We currently have one event per quarter. You are given free access and acknowledged as a supporting member. You will be able to network for career or business. (click here for our latest event)


6. Access our LinkedIn Group: You are invited to join our private LinkedIn group for Black Achiever members. You will be able to promote yourself or your business to other members. A place for you to post questions to the network, seek advice, partnerships, mentors etc.  (Click here to join group)

7. Business Members - If you are a business owner please create an account for your business on our business directory. This directory is used by our 4,000 members and is a great way for you to find new business and partnerships through Black Achievers. (Click here to submit your information)

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