Thank You For Joining Our Team

Your financial contribution will allow us to spread our message of unity and empowerment. Below is a list of what you receive as a member. 

New Member Checklist:

1. Copy of Michael's Book: 9 Principles of African American Success by Michael Truth - This book is a guide for you to follow. It has practical information and techniques you can implement in your life to help you develop a winner's mindset and achieve your dreams. (Download copy of the book here)

2. Monthly Newsletter: You will receive a monthly newsletter via email to keep you up to date on opportunities. If you have something you want included in the newsletter such as a promotion you have received, a business or event you are promoting please contact us. Send us a photo, one paragraph and a link to the event/business website. (Click here to submit your information)

3. Mentoring - One on One - Half hour session with Michael to discuss your ideas, goals and ambitions. Michael will help you chart a course of action and motivate you to achieve your dreams. (click here to request a day and time)

4. Networking - You are invited to attend any of our networking events in person. We currently have one event per quarter. You are given free access and acknowledged as a supporting member. You will be able to network for career or business. (click here for our latest event)


5. Access our LinkedIn Group: You are invited to join our private LinkedIn group for Black Achiever members. You will be able to promote yourself or your business to other members. A place for you to post questions to the network, seek advice, partnerships, mentors etc.  (Click here to join group)

6. Business Members - If you are a business owner please create an account for your business on our business directory. This directory is used by our 4,000 members and is a great way for you to find new business and partnerships through Black Achievers. (Click here to submit your information)