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The Accelerator Honors Women

This month is Women's History Month. The Minority Business Accelerator is proud to support women in business to accelerate the growth, development, and entrepreneurship of women for 365 days of the year. Women entrepreneurs more often invest back into their families and communities while delivering their products and services.

The Accelerator honors women in business. Women entrepreneurs are driving their voices as they advance leadership at every level. It is an honor for the Accelerator to advance entrepreneurial Black women, specifically as they deliver change in the world through their passion and contributions to the workforce and the broader economy. Women are growing in STEM, to produce more women in business.

The importance of Women in History is to acknowledge and support women and our daughters while honoring the past. As part of the Accelerator's broader mission to support minority businesses, it further seeks to advance and accelerate women business owners as we recognize the barriers and the ceiling they have to overcome. We seek women entrepreneurs to accelerate to build businesses with capacity at every stage of the growth cycle.

Women entrepreneurs can provide a legacy for their communities and families and be role models for girls to become business leaders. We at the Accelerator honor the women in history while supporting her efforts to produce socioeconomic change today. In working with the Black Achievers, the Accelerator seeks women members to start, purchase or grow a business for acceleration.

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