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Opening the Door of the Minority Business Accelerator

The Minority Business Accelerator has been the flagship minority business and economic inclusion initiative of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber for the past 19 years. True to its founding mission in 2003, the Minority Business Accelerator (“Accelerator”) remains committed to growing sizeable African-American and Hispanic-owned and operated businesses as a critical economic catalyst to addressing lingering economic disparities in these specific populations and stimulating the broader economic region as a whole. To assist and support these large-scale minority firms, the Accelerator’s process primarily involves three fundamental steps are illustrated.

Growing our existing larger-scale minority firms (referred to as Portfolio Companies) remains the core work of the Accelerator. This work is rooted in a comprehensive annual business assessment (inclusive of financial, operational, marketing, business development, etc.), which further informs the creation and execution of an annual growth plan. This growth plan becomes the road map by which we customize our support for each respective portfolio firm. Each plan also includes a set of new business prospects (typically from the Accelerator’s network of corporate partners referred to as Goal Setters), by which the Accelerator and portfolio firm work closely together to ensure sufficient resources and scale exist to execute against any new business developed.

To learn more about the exciting work Accelerator contact (513) 579-3100.

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