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Ignite Philanthropy Makes Charitable Donation To Black Achievers Cincinnati.

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Cincinnati, Ohio, August 9, 2020 / -- Ignite Philanthropy pledges to be part of the solution to add more diversity to Cincinnati’s non-profit community.

"Black Achievers is grateful to have the support of committed partners like Ignite Philanthropy, who are passionate about improving racial diversity in the non-profit and philanthropic community in Cincinnati. Their commitment to being a good corporate citizen is driving real change," said Michael R. Moore, Black Achievers, Founder and President.

According to the Center For Effective Philanthropy, the non-profit sector has a board diversity problem. A 2017 BoardSource report showed that nonprofit boards are no more racially and ethnically diverse today than they were two decades ago and that “current recruitment practices indicate this is unlikely to change.” The report found that people of color comprise just 16 percent of nonprofit board members, nearly identical to 1994 figures, even though minorities represent nearly 40 percent of our country’s population.

"In Cincinnati it is not uncommon for a non-profit board to be 90% white yet serve communities that are 70% or more African American. Numerous reports show that non-profit boards are most effective when they reflect the communities they serve. This is the problem that Black Achievers wants to help solve. We are a pipeline for African American participation on non-profit boards." said Daivd Iyoha, Vice President, Black Achievers, Inc.

In addition to financial support Ignite Philanthropy will be providing consulting services to help Black Achievers advance to the next level. "We feel so fortunate to have a chance to work alongside Black Achievers to advance their vision and diversity in the greater Cincinnati region. We look forward to developing a lasting and strong relationship and doing great things together." said Teresa Hoelle, Senior Vice President, Non-Profit Services, Ignite Philanthropy.

About Black Achievers

Black Achievers, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Michael R. Moore. Black Achievers is now one of the largest Black Professional organizations in the state of Ohio. With over 4,000 members in Cincinnati and over 30,000 members nationwide. The organization's mission is to connect, educate and economically empower African Americans. Serving as a pipeline of diverse talent for non-profits and corporations. Black Achievers is uniquely positioned to help organizations with their attraction and retention needs of African Americans. For more information visit:

About Ignite Philanthropy

Ignite Philanthropy serves all aspects of the philanthropic and non-profit sector—from individuals, companies and foundations seeking to organize and improve their philanthropic giving to nonprofits looking for an experienced fundraising or strategy partner to raise capital to accomplish their mission. Ignite Philanthropy was formed when two leading Cincinnati-based philanthropic consulting firms merged in October of 2016. Lewis & Clark Co., founded and owned by Scott Provancher, acquired Ignite Philanthropy Advisors, LLC from Susan Ingmire. For more information visit:

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