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Black Achievers Partners with Flywheel Cincinnati to Help Local Startups.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Black Achievers has partnered with Flywheel Cincinnati to help local startups flourish. Black Achievers will help its members participate as coaches and founders in the rich entrepreneurial ecosystem that Flywheel Cincinnati has created. "This partnership is a game changer for Cincinnati's business community especially for minority and women owned businesses." Michael Moore, Founder Black Achievers.

Flywheel helps social entrepreneurs build and scale business that have both a financial return and social impact. We call these businesses social enterprises because they are designed to make our community stronger, either through the people they employ or the products and services they provide.

“We value the opportunity to bring black professionals in our community into our work as

coaches and as founders. This partnership is an exciting step in creating a more equitable

community.” Bill Tucker, Executive Director

As our community faces racial inequity, staggering unemployment, and a healthcare crisis.

Flywheel believes that innovation and entrepreneurship will lead us to a more just community. Flywheel's mission is to support entrepreneurs that build businesses that use innovative, market driven approaches to our communities challenges. Flywheel’s volunteer coaches and consultants bring a wealth of business experience to share in their “Power Hour” coaching sessions, COVID-19 Pro-Bono consulting, and Elevator Social Impact Accelerator program. More Info About the Flywheel Program:

  • As a coach, your business knowledge and personal experiences help social startups succeed

  • Social entrepreneurs tap into a wealth of knowledge through tested programming, pro bono consulting and networking opportunities

  • Over 40% of the founders we support are people of color

  • To register for a program, visit

  • To get involved as a coach, email Josie Dalton at

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