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Empowering Black and Brown Entrepreneurs: Bridging the Wealth Gap through Business Acquisition

Article written by Dr. Tyra Oldham


The wealth gap in the United States has been a persistent and pervasive issue, with Black and Brown communities disproportionately affected by economic disparities. One promising avenue for addressing this gap is the acquisition of businesses from retiring Baby Boomers who lack a succession plan. Entrepreneurship through business acquisition not only offers economic capacity for Black and Brown communities but also creates a path toward wealth accumulation and self-reliance.

The Problem

The wealth gap has deep roots, historically stemming from systemic racism, discriminatory practices, and limited access to resources. While significant progress has been made in addressing these issues, disparities persist. The Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, holds a significant share of businesses across the country, many of which are small to medium-sized enterprises. With retirement on the horizon, a considerable number of Baby Boomers are looking to sell their businesses. However, many of them do not have a viable succession plan in place.

Empowering Black and Brown Entrepreneurs

1. Business Ownership and Wealth Accumulation

Acquiring a business not only provides a platform for Black and Brown entrepreneurs to generate income but also presents an opportunity for wealth accumulation. Traditional employment often fails to provide the financial stability necessary to bridge the wealth gap. Business ownership allows individuals to build equity, accumulate assets, and create a legacy for their families.

2. Community Investment

Black and Brown entrepreneurs who acquire businesses in their communities often become catalysts for economic revitalization. By investing in local neighborhoods and hiring from within the community, they help create jobs and stimulate local economies. This not only fosters economic capacity but also promotes self-sufficiency.

3. Mentorship and Education

As more Black and Brown entrepreneurs acquire businesses, they can serve as mentors to aspiring entrepreneurs from their communities. Sharing their experiences, knowledge, and networks can be instrumental in encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. Access to resources and mentorship is crucial for the success of minority-owned businesses.

4. Cultural Sensitivity and Market Insights

Black and Brown entrepreneurs often have a unique understanding of the needs and preferences of their communities. They can cater to underserved markets and provide products and services that resonate with local culture and values. This cultural sensitivity can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

5. Diverse Leadership

Diverse leadership in the business world can lead to innovative solutions and increased profitability. By empowering Black and Brown entrepreneurs to acquire and lead businesses, we foster diversity in corporate leadership, promoting new ideas and perspectives that benefit society as a whole.

Closing the Wealth Gap

The wealth gap is a multifaceted problem, and addressing it requires a holistic approach. Empowering Black and Brown entrepreneurs through business acquisition is a critical step in this process. It not only offers financial opportunities but also enables individuals and communities to take control of their economic destinies.

To make this vision a reality, it is essential that resources, such as affordable financing and mentorship programs, are made available to aspiring Black and Brown entrepreneurs. Initiatives aimed at creating a level playing field for business acquisition and entrepreneurship can have a profound impact on reducing the wealth gap.


The power of Black and Brown people becoming entrepreneurs through business acquisition is a potent solution to address the wealth gap. As Baby Boomers transition into retirement and sell their businesses, the opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs to take the reins and build economic capacity is immense. By providing the necessary support and resources, we can create a more equitable future, where entrepreneurship is a viable path to prosperity for Black and Brown communities and their families. In doing so, we not only empower individuals but strengthen our society as a whole by fostering diversity and resilience in the business world.

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