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Black Achievers partners up with Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub

Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub has formed a strategic partnership with Black Achievers to further its dedication to racial equity. Flywheel’s mission is to equip richly diverse, impact-focused entrepreneurs with knowledge, strategies, skills, and connections to develop and expand their impact-focused businesses.

This partnership announcement follows closely on the heels of another major headline – the retirement of Flywheel’s longtime Executive Director, Bill Tucker. Bill has taken Flywheel to tremendous heights over the past decade and is set to pass the torch to another impactful leader by June 30th. Black Achievers will support Flywheel as it engages a diverse pool of qualified leaders to fill the Executive Director position.

“As Black Achievers has grown over the past two years, Bill Tucker, Flywheel’s Executive Director, has been a trusted partner in our work,” says Michael Moore, President/CEO Black Achievers, Inc. “Even as Bill retires to his ‘third act’ this summer, I am excited about the commitment to equity from Flywheel’s Board, staff and coaches.”

Black Achievers, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Michael Moore himself. Black Achievers is now one of the largest Black Professional organizations in the state of Ohio. With over 4,000 members in Cincinnati and over 30,000 members nationwide. The organization's mission is to connect, educate and economically empower African Americans. Serving as a pipeline of diverse talent for nonprofits and corporations.

Flywheel Board President Becky Riegelsberger added, "We are thrilled about the partnership with Black Achievers as we seek a new Executive Director, on-board new coaches and recruit startup founders to our programs.”

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