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ArtsWave: Cincy Artists Explore Truth and Reconciliation

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

ArtsWave, the Cincinnati region’s engine for the arts, has invested more than $1 million

in direct funding for artists of color over the last year. This includes 27 recent grants to

Black and Brown artists meant to uplift the artistry and experiences of people of color,

on the themes of "truth" and & "reconciliation". Many of the artists are sharing their work

and engaging the community ahead of a public showcase planned for July at the

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and Memorial Hall.

Darnell Pierre Benjamin’s “All Us, All Love,” began as a dance performance, “13 the and

Republic,” marking the spot where Timothy Thomas needlessly died in 2001 and

reflecting on the still pervasive challenge of police brutality to African Americans.

Walterhoope helped turn the piece into a film after the pandemic hit. Despite the dark,

heavy themes, it concludes with what Benjamin calls “an explosion of pure joy” and “a

dream of what [life] could be instead of what it is.” With Truth and Reconciliation

funding, Benjamin will present free screenings combined with live performances and

Q&A dialogue afterwards. He aims to build empathy and bridge gaps in understanding,

seeking spaces where Black voices are not often heard. “It’s hard to have these

conversations with people who don't want to,” Benjamin says, noting that the best way

to change minds is to have them encounter truth firsthand. “If we have the

conversations, maybe we can make them more likely to encounter it,” he continues. “All

Us, All Love” premieres at Home of the Brave Park on July 6.