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2021 ArtsWave Campaign

The 2021 ArtsWave Campaign is now underway. The generous donations from people like you and me enable ArtsWave to support 100+ art projects and organizations as well individual artists that together will re-stART our region.

You can be part of this re-stART by making a gift to the ArtsWave. We invite you to consider joining our Circle of African American Leaders for the Arts. Members of the Circle believe in the power of the arts to bring people together regardless of race or background. When you join the Circle, a portion of your gift funds African American arts. You’ll also connect with other members throughout the year and enjoy exclusive arts experiences.

Since 2019, ArtsWave has invested more than $1 million in African American arts and artists. In the most recent round of grants, Circle members helped to fund 18 projects, including the upcoming 2021 Cincinnati Juneteenth Festival. Last year’s celebration, like so many others, went all virtual out of concern for the public’s health. This year, Juneteenth will return to Eden Park. Thanks to support from the Circle, the festival will expand its reach to new audiences. They’re also broadening their reach to celebrate not just African American culture, but Caribbean and other pan-American cultures as well.

Funding from the Circle will also support the Robert O’Neal Multicultural Center’s (ROMAC’s) pop-up virtual art gallery, which will launch this month with “Fire: HerStory.” This exhibition explores black womanhood through performances and related programs.

Another project, funded by the Circle, created the opportunity for Lex Nycole to produce a variety of Red Light Jazz Room performances. Nycole’s work connects musicians, vocalists and other artists to paid opportunities and resources. More than 1,000 viewers overall enjoyed performances by Siri Imani, Pastor Linda Fay O’Neal, Destiny L and Matt Waters as part of the kickoff to the 2021 ArtsWave Campaign.

A key component of ArtsWave’s overall strategy is to increase critical support for African American arts. Please join the Circle of African American Leaders for the Arts to be a part of this groundswell of support for a vibrant, artistically diverse and equitable region.

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