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10 tips to increase your interview skills and chances of landing a high paying career.

Written by: Quinette Brown, MOSL At Black Achievers, one of our goals is to provide education. Today’s topic we discuss the interview process and ways to increase your chances of landing a high paying career. We have developed these 10 tips to help guide you on your journey. 1. Research Company History, Leadership and Values Connecting with the employer’s values and mission is paramount Discuss how the employer’s values and mission correlate with your experience and education

2. Arrive 15-20 minutes early This affects the employer’s perception of what your attendance and time management would be if actually hire If you're on-time, you're considered late

3. Resume Preparation Always bring more than one copy Correct errors before printing Assure your resume possesses keywords 4. Monitor Your Body Language Eye Contact & Posture Show confidence Show interest Show enthusiasm

5. Prepare interview questions Research interview questions Behavioral Questions Competency Questions Case/Situational Questions Experience Questions

6. Prepare 3 to 5 questions to ask the interviewer Avoid asking questions regarding compensation and benefits unless the employer addresses it first Avoid asking the interviewer personal questions

7. Be prepared to take notes Be sure to note the answers to your questions Additional questions

8. Follow-up with the interviewer or company Send a typed or handwritten thank you note or an email after your interview

9. Cellphones and any other devices should be turned off Another option is to leave your cellphone in the car

10. Avoid negative comments and statements Any negative statements regarding past employers, colleagues, and supervisors If you have a big interview coming up and you want to bounce some ideas off someone at Black Achievers, please email us at We wish you much success in your journey.