Being a “Black Professional” In America

The poem below describes how many our our members at Black Achiever feel. Our organization is a safe space for Black professionals to discuss issues and network with each other. Please consider joining our team.  
--Poem by unnamed author.

"They take my kindness for weakness.

They take my silence for speechless.

They consider my uniqueness strange.

They call my language slang.

They see my confidence as conceit.

They see my mistakes as defeat.

They consider my success accidental.

They minimize my intelligence to "just potential".

My questions mean I'm unaware.

My advancement is somehow unfair.

Any praise I receive is preferential treatment.

Any negativity I receive they are in agreement.

If I stand up for myself, I'm too defensive.

If I don't trust them, I'm too apprehensive.

I'm defiant if I separate.

I'm fake if I assimilate.

My character is constantly under attack.

Pride for myself makes me, "TOO BLACK".

Yet, God made me in his image.

So what do they say to that?

By the time I’m done in this world.

I will make everyone a believer.

I have God on my side

And he made me a Black Achiever!

Thank you."